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The International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences ( ) announces the upcoming publication of a special issue. This special issue is dedicated to Prof. S. B. Singh, in honour of his 52th birthday in 2020, and as a recognition of his important contributions to research especially in the reliability theory.

Dr. S. B. Singh is currently Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India. He has around 25 years of teaching and research experience to Undergraduate and Post Graduate students at different Engineering Colleges and University. Prof. Singh is a member of Indian Mathematical Society, Operations Research Society of India, ISST and National Society for Prevention of Blindness in India and Indian Science Congress Association. He is a regular reviewer of many books and International/ National Journals. He has been a member of organizing committee of many international and national conferences and workshops. He is an Editor of the ‘Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies’. He has authored and co-authored eight books on different courses of Applied/ Engineering Mathematics. He has been conferred with five national awards and the Best Teacher Award. He has published his research works at national and international journals of repute. His area of research is reliability theory.

As, your first Ph.D. scholar, I am honoured to dedicate this Special Issue to you, Sir and I really hope that you will enjoy and appreciate my effort.

Mangey Ram
Guest Editor
Department of Mathematics; Computer Science & Engineering
Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun, 248002, India.

Manuscript Submission

Original manuscripts should be submitted online at the e-mail with cc to with the subject “Manuscript Submission to the Special Issue in Honour of Prof. S. B. Singh” . Manuscripts can be submitted until the deadline. Research articles as well as review articles in the area of Reliability Engineering and Applications are invited. All papers will be peer-reviewed as per IJMEMS policy. Before submission, authors should carefully read over the journal’s Guidelines for Author(s), which are located at

Publication Schedule

Manuscript submission deadline: April 15, 2020
Reviewer reports completed and returned: May 30, 2020
Revised paper submission: June 30, 2020
Final manuscript submissions: July 31, 2020
Publications dates: In the forthcoming issues after September 2020

Note: There is NO EXTRA PAGE CHARGES for the articles accepted in this special issue.

S. No. Publication Year Document Title Authors Volume Issue
1. 2016 Land use drivers of population dynamics in tasks of security management and risk assessment Kopachevsky I., Kostyuchenko Y.V., Stoyka O. 1 1
2. 2018 Utilization of Karnaugh maps in multi-value Qualitative Comparative Analysis Rushdi A.M.A. 3 1
3. 2017 Genetic algorithm based approach for reliability redundancy allocation problems in fuzzy environment Sahoo L. 2 4
4. 2017 Modeling and characterizing software vulnerabilities Bhatt N., Anand A., Yadavalli V.S.S., Kumar V. 2 4
5. 2016 Predicting customer's satisfaction (dissatisfaction) using logistic regression Anand A., Bansal G. 1 2
6. 2017 A genetic algorithm based hybrid approach for reliability-redundancy optimization problem of a series system with multiple-choice Bhunia A.K., Duary A., Sahoo L. 2 3
7. 2016 Machine learning in big data Wang L., Alexander C.A. 1 2
8. 2016 Additive manufacturing and big data Wang L., Alexander C.A. 1 3
9. 2018 Multi objective simulated annealing approach for facility layout design Turgay S. 3 4
10. 2018 Metaheuristic approach of multi-objective optimization during EDM process Bose G.K., Pain P. 3 3
11. 2017 An overview of various importance measures of reliability system Amrutkar K.P., Kamalja K.K. 2 3
12. 2017 Inventory modeling for deteriorating imperfect quality items with selling price dependent demand and shortage backordering under credit financing Khanna A., Gautam P., Jaggi C.K. 2 2
13. 2016 Stochastic biometric system modelling with rework strategy Ram M., Manglik M. 1 1
14. 2019 Stress concentration studies in flat plates with rectangular cut-outs using finite element method Gunwant D 4 1
15. 2018 System reliability analysis based on Weibull distribution and hesitant fuzzy set Kumar A., Ram M. 3 4
16. 2017 Diffusion of innovations: Patenting or standardization Aronov I., Zazhigalkin A. 2 2
17. 2017 Map calculation of the Shapley-Shubik voting powers: An example of the European economic community Rushdi A.M.A., Ba-Rukab O.M. 2 1
18. 2016 Combating leishmaniasis through awareness campaigning: A mathematical study on media efficiency Biswas D., Datta A., Roy P.K. 1 3
19. 2019 Computational techniques based on runge-kutta method of various order and type for solving differential equations Chauhan V., Srivastava P.K. 4 2
20. 2019 A new application of Hermite collocation method Baishya C. 4 1

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