International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 2 (2017), Number 2 (June)


Adarsh Anand, Deepti Aggrawal

Pages 63-63

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Diffusion of Innovations: Patenting or Standardization

Iosif Aronov, Aleksandr Zazhigalkin

Pages 64-73

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Modeling Multi-generation Innovation Adoption based on Conjoint effect of Awareness Process

Mohini Agarwal, Deepti Aggrawal, Adarsh Anand, Ompal Singh

Pages 74-84

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Significant Factors of the Successful Lean Six-Sigma Implementation

Ljubisa Papic, Mihailo Mladjenovic, Andres Carrion Garcia, Deepti Aggrawal

Pages 85-109

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Inventory Modeling for Deteriorating Imperfect Quality Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand and Shortage Backordering under Credit Financing

Aditi Khanna, Prerna Gautam, Chandra K. Jaggi

Pages 110-124

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Influence of Customer Attrition on Diffusion of Business Education Services

Nitin Sachdeva

Pages 125-134

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