International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 2 (2017), Number 4 (December)

A Hybrid Strategy for Reducing Feasible Convex Space and the Number of Variables for Solving a Conventional Large LP Model

Santosh Kumar, Elias Munapo, ‘Maseka Lesaoana, Philimon Nyamugure, Nidhi Agarwal

Pages 213-230

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An Optimal Rejuvenation Strategy for Increasing Service Reliability of a VOIP System with Multiple Components

Vandana Gupta, Rahul Kumar

Pages 231-241

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Inventory Modeling for Imperfect Production Process with Inspection Errors, Sales Return, and Imperfect Rework Process

Aditi Khanna, Aakanksha Kishore, Chandra K. Jaggi

Pages 242-258

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Genetic Algorithm Based Approach for Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problems in Fuzzy Environment

Laxminarayan Sahoo

Pages 259-272

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Dependability Analysis Tool Based on Multi-Dimensional Stochastic Noisy Model for Cloud Computing with Big Data

Yoshinobu Tamura, Shigeru Yamada

Pages 273-287

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Modeling and Characterizing Software Vulnerabilities

Navneet Bhatt, Adarsh Anand, V. S. S. Yadavalli, Vijay Kumar

Pages 288-299

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