International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 3 (2018), Number 3 (September)

A Comparison of Start-Up Demonstration Test Procedures Based on a Combinatorial Approach

Amos E. Gera

Pages 195-219

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Karnaugh-Map Utility in Medical Studies: The Case of Fetal Malnutrition

Rufaidah Ali Rushdi, Ali Muhammad Rushdi

Pages 220-244

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Inventory Policies for Price-Sensitive Stock-Dependent Demand and Quantity Discounts

Nita H. Shah, Monika K. Naik

Pages 245-257

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SIL Implementation on Safety Functions in Mass Transit System

James Li

Pages 258-270

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Assessment of Geospatial Approaches Used for Classification of Crops

Suraj Kumar Singh, Shruti Kanga, Sudhanshu

Pages 271-279

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An Approach for Solving Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Fractional Programming Problems

Farhana Akond Pramy

Pages 280-293

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Velocity and Acceleration of NavIC Satellites using Broadcast Ephemeris

Bidyut B. Gogoi, Akhilesh Kumar, A. Kartik, Nirmala S.

Pages 294-300

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Metaheuristic Approach of Multi-Objective Optimization during EDM Process

Goutam Kumar Bose, Pritam Pain

Pages 301-314

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