International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 4 (2019), Number 1 (February)

Optimal Mass Design of 25 Bars Truss with Loading Conditions on Five Node Elements

Koumbe Mbock, Etoua Remy Magloire, Lezin Seba Minsili, Okpwe Mbarga Richard

Pages 1-16

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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Systems

Lidong Wang, Cheryl Ann Alexander

Pages 17-26

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Asset Distribution and Peerless Selection Approach for LTE based Multifarious VANET Networks

Arjun Arora, Nitin Rakesh, K. K. Mishra

Pages 27-40

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Energy-Aware Autonomic Resource Scheduling Framework for Cloud

Bhupesh Kumar Dewangan, Amit Agarwal, Venkatadri M., Ashutosh Pasricha

Pages 41-55

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Dominant Pole Based Approximation for Discrete Time System

Richa , Awadhesh Kumar

Pages 56-65

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Stress Concentration Studies in Flat Plates with Rectangular Cut-Outs Using Finite Element Method

Dheeraj Gunwant

Pages 66-76

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Simulation Based Elevator Group Control System for Multi-Storey Building

Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Anuj Banshwar, Mohit Pathak, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Aman Joshi

Pages 77-84

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System Reliability Growth Analysis during Warranty

James Li, Greg Collins, Ravi Govindarajulu

Pages 85-94

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Signature of A-Within-B-From-D/G Sliding Window System

Akshay Kumar, S. B. Singh

Pages 95-107

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Computation Interval-Valued Reliability of Sliding Window System

Akshay Kumar, Mangey Ram

Pages 108-115

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Reliability Measures of Two Dissimilar Units Parallel System Using Gumbel-Hougaard Family Copula

Garima Chopra, Mangey Ram

Pages 116-130

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A Revised Model for Magneto Convection in Binary Nanofluids

Jyoti Sharma, Urvashi Gupta, Shushant Shukla

Pages 131-138

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Rayleigh-Bénard Convection for Nanofluids for More Realistic Boundary Conditions (Rigid-Free and Rigid-Rigid) Using Darcy Model

Jyoti Ahuja, Urvashi Gupta

Pages 139-156

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Numerical Study of 2D Incompressible Flow in a Rectangular Domain using Chorin’s Projection Method at High Reynolds Number

Arti Kaushik

Pages 157-169

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A Cumulative Study on Differential Transform Method

Geeta Arora, Pratiksha

Pages 170-181

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A New Application of Hermite Collocation Method

Chandrali Baishya

Pages 182-190

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Structural Mathematical Changes in Theoretical Music in the Early Renaissance

Oscar João Abdounur

Pages 191-198

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Meta-Analysis of Fixed, Random and Mixed Effects Models

Savita Jain, Suresh K. Sharma, Kanchan Jain

Pages 199-218

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The Generalized Gamma Shared Frailty Model under Different Baseline Distributions

Sukhmani Sidhu, Kanchan Jain, Suresh K. Sharma

Pages 219-231

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A Benchmarking Strategy for Delhi Transport Corporation: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

Punita Saxena

Pages 232-244

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Future of Mobile Commerce: An Exploratory Study on Factors affecting Mobile Users’ Behaviour Intention

Arshan Bhullar, Pushpinder Singh Gill

Pages 245-258

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