International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 4 (2019), Number 5 (October)

Balancing Reliability and Cost in Cloud-RAID Systems with Fault-Level Coverage

Lavanya Mandava, Liudong Xing

Pages 1068-1080

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Standards Development and Innovative Products. When should Standards be Prepared?

Joseph Aronov, Andres Carrion, Ljubisa Papic, Nataliia Galkina, Deepti Aggrawal, Adarsh Anand

Pages 1081-1093

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Similarity Solutions of Strong Shock Waves for Isothermal Flow in an Ideal Gas

Astha Chauhan, Rajan Arora

Pages 1094-1107

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Solution of Nonlinear Systems of Equations via Metaheuristics

Sangeeta Pant, Anuj Kumar, Mangey Ram

Pages 1108-1126

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About Scaling of Controlling Information System of Industrial Complex by Streamlining of Big Data Arrays in Compliance with Hierarchy of the Present Lifeworlds

D. Reut, S. Falko, E. Postnikova

Pages 1127-1139

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Computational Enhancement in the Application of the Branch and Bound Method for Linear Integer Programs and Related Models

Masar Al-Rabeeah, Elias Munapo, Ali Al-Hasani, Santosh Kumar, Andrew Eberhard

Pages 1140-1153

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Assessment of Indoor Air Quality in Buildings using CFD: A Brief Review

Venu Shree, Bhanu M. Marwaha, Pamita Awasthi

Pages 1154-1168

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Analysis of Transient Belt Stretch for Horizontal and Inclined Belt Conveyor System

Sanjay G. Sakharwade, Shubharata Nagpal

Pages 1169-1179

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Design and Development of Unmanned Hovercraft

Surendar Ganesan, Balasubramanian Esakki

Pages 1180-1195

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Geodesic Approach for an Efficient Trajectory Planning of Mobile Robot Manipulators

Pradip Kumar Sahu, Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal

Pages 1196-1207

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Digital Technologies in Strategic Problems and Operational Tasks for Import Substitution of Oil and Gas Facilities

V. Kershenbaum, T. Guseva, A. Panteleev

Pages 1208-1217

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The Dynamics of Contact Interaction during the Cutting Process

Dmitriy V. Vasilkov, Alexander V. Nikitin, Igor Y. Tarikov

Pages 1218-1227

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Improved Estimators for Estimating Average Yield Using Auxiliary Variable

S. K. Yadav, M. K. Dixit, H. N. Dungana, S. S. Mishra

Pages 1228-1238

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ACOCA: Ant Colony Optimization Based Clustering Algorithm for Big Data Preprocessing

Neelam Singh, Devesh Pratap Singh, Bhasker Pant

Pages 1239-1250

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One Point Conventional Model to Optimize Trapezoidal Fuzzy Transportation Problem

Dinesh C. S. Bisht, Pankaj Kumar Srivastava

Pages 1251-1263

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Optimal Designs for Generalized Pareto Model

Poonam Singh, Ashok Kumar

Pages 1264-1276

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Designing an Effective Combined Shewhart-CUSUM Control Scheme with Exponentially Distributed Data

Dushyant Tyagi

Pages 1277-1286

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