International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 4 (2019), Number 6 (December)

Boolean Curve Fitting with the Aid of Variable-Entered Karnaugh Maps

Ali Muhammad Ali Rushdi, Ahmed Said Balamesh

Pages 1287-1306

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Dexterous Estimation of Population Mean in Survey Sampling Under Non-Response Error

S. K. Yadav, O. P. Yadav, D. K. Yadav

Pages 1307-1324

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Comparative Analysis based on Simulation & Design Aspects of Three Phase Four Switch Inverter for Industrial Applications

Sudeshna Ghosh, Pankaj Swarnkar, D. M. Deshpande

Pages 1325-1340

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Periodic Behaviour of Mean Velocity Fields in Rushton Turbine (RT) Driven Stirred Tank

Devarajan Krishna Iyer, Ajey Kumar Patel

Pages 1341-1351

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Cell Models for Non-Newtonian Fluid Past a Semipermeable Sphere

Madasu Krishna Prasad

Pages 1352-1361

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Effects of Double Stratification on MHD Flow and Heat Transfer of Nanofluid along a Permeable Vertical Plate

P. Murali Krishna, Ch. Ramreddy, Ch. Venkata Rao

Pages 1362-1372

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Double-Diffusive Natural Convective Flow of a Nanofluid past an Inclined Wavy Plate in a Non-Darcy Porous Medium

Chukka Venkata Rao, Chitteti Ramreddy

Pages 1373-1383

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Numerical Prediction of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics in a Circular Microchannel with Bifurcation Plate

Valaparla Ranjith Kumar, Karthik Balasubramanian, K. Kiran Kumar

Pages 1384-1396

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Forced Convection through Discrete Heat Sources and Simple Thermal Model – A Numerical Study

Kartikaswami Hasavimath, Kishan Naik, Banjara Kotresha, N. Gnanasekaran

Pages 1397-1406

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Influence of Capillary Number on the droplet Shape, Film Thickness, and Pressure Drop in a Liquid-Liquid Taylor Flow inside a Microcapillary

S. V. B. Vivekanand, S. Chandrasekhar, V. R. K. Raju

Pages 1407-1419

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Optimization of Replica Consistency and Conflict Resolution in Data Grid Environment

Priyanka Vashisht, Vijay Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Anju Sharma

Pages 1420-1433

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Recognition of the Problematic Situations in Industrial Systems with Intellectual Support

V. Volochienko, S. Falko, E. Postnikova

Pages 1434-1447

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Adaptive Matching of the Radar Signal and Image Display Device Dynamic Ranges

Vitaliy Garmash, Yuriy Petrov, Andrey Andreev, Anatoly Zaitsev

Pages 1448-1458

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New Oscillation Conditions for Second Order Half-Linear Advanced Difference Equations

P. Dinakar, S. Selvarangam, E. Thandapani

Pages 1459-1470

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Quintic B-Spline Technique for Numerical Treatment of Third Order Singular Perturbed Delay Differential Equation

Mandeep Kaur Vaid, Geeta Arora

Pages 1471-1482

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A Mathematical Model to Solve the Burgers-Huxley Equation by using New Homotopy Perturbation Method

Dinesh Kumar Maurya, Ravendra Singh, Yogendra Kumar Rajoria

Pages 1483-1495

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Effectiveness Analysis of a Two Non-Identical Unit Standby System with Switching Device and Proviso of Rest

Darpandeep Kour, J. P. Singh Joorel, Neha Sharma

Pages 1496-1507

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Modelling Popularity Dynamics Based on YouTube Viewers and Subscribers

Mohammed Shahid Irshad, Adarsh Anand, Marut Bisht

Pages 1508-1521

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ANFIS based Machine Repair Model with Control Policies and Working Vacation

Rachita Sethi, Amita Bhagat, Deepika Garg

Pages 1522-1533

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