International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 5 (2020), Number 2 (April)

Determining the Economic Manufacturing Lot Size with Expedited Fabrication Rate and Product Quality Assurance

Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu, Yu-Ru Chen, Hua-Yao Wu, Chung-Li Chou

Pages 193-207

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Determining Software Time-to-Market and Testing Stop Time when Release Time is a Change-Point

Ompal Singh, Saurabh Panwar, P. K. Kapur

Pages 208-224

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Effect of Carbon Emission and Human Errors on a Two-Echelon Supply Chain under Permissible Delay in Payments

Manavi Gilotra, Sarla Pareek, Mandeep Mittal, Vinti Dhaka

Pages 225-236

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Bioconvection of Micropolar Fluid in an Annulus

D. Srinivasacharya, I. Sreenath

Pages 237-247

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CFD Modelling of Multi-Particulate Flow through Concentric Annulus

Satish Kumar Dewangan, Vivek Deshmukh

Pages 248-259

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Mathematical Modelling of Postindustrial Land Use Value in the Big Cities in Ukraine

I. Openko, Y. V. Kostyuchenko, R. Tykhenko, O. Shevchenko, O. Tsvyakh, T. Ievsiukov, M. Deineha

Pages 260-271

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7th -Order Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon Equation and Fisher-Type Equation by Homotopy Analysis Method

Ankita Sharma, Rajan Arora

Pages 272-282

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Geostatistical Analysis on Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients in Vertisols of Deccan Plateau Region of North Karnataka, India

Vinod Tamburi, Amba Shetty, S. Shrihari

Pages 283-295

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Forecasting the Long-Run Behavior of the Stock Price of Some Selected Companies in the Malaysian Construction Sector: A Markov Chain Approach

Wajeeh Mustafa Sarsour, Shamsul Rijal Muhammad Sabri

Pages 296-308

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A Non-Parametric Approach for Survival Analysis of Component-Based Software

Sandeep Chopra, Lata Nautiyal, Preeti Malik, Mangey Ram, Mahesh K. Sharma

Pages 309-318

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Control of the System of Piezoelectric Actuator Devices for Precision Drive Systems

Stanislav Matveev, Nikolai Yakovenko, Yuri Konoplev, Andrei Gorbunov, Alexander Shirshov, Nikolay Didenko

Pages 319-327

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Assessment of Software Vulnerabilities using Best-Worst Method and Two-Way Analysis

Misbah Anjum, P. K. Kapur, Vernika Agarwal, Sunil Kumar Khatri

Pages 328-342

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Heat and Mass transfer in MHD Nanofluid over a Stretching Surface along with Viscous Dissipation Effect

K. Govardhan, G. Narender, G. Sreedhar Sarma

Pages 343-352

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Influence of Hybrid Fibres on Bond Strength of Concrete

Srinivasa Rao Naraganti, Rama Mohan Rao Pannem, Jagadeesh Putta

Pages 353-362

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Dynamics of A Re-Parametrization of A 2-Dimensional Mapping Derived from Double Discrete Sine-Gordon Mapping

La Zakaria, Johan Matheus Tuwankotta

Pages 363-377

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Erratum to: Effectiveness Analysis of a Two Non-Identical Unit Standby System with Switching Device and Proviso of Rest

Darpandeep Kour, J. P. Singh Joorel, Neha Sharma

Pages 378-380

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