International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 5 (2020), Number 5 (October)

Solutions of Ternary Problems of Conditional Probability with Applications to Mathematical Epidemiology and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ali Muhammad Ali Rushdi, Hamzah Abdul Majid Serag

Pages 787-711

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COVID-19 Highest Incidence Forecast in Russia Based on Regression Model

Iosif Z. Aronov, Olga V. Maksimova, Nataliia M. Galkina

Pages 812-819

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Designing a Revenue Sharing Contract under Information Asymmetry

Jaimini Bhattacharyya, Rahul R. Marathe, G. Srinivasan

Pages 820-834

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The Impact of the Handling Unit on Logistics Costs: The Case of a Portuguese Food Retail Supply Chain

Ana Luísa Ferreira Andrade Ramos, José António Vasconcelos Ferreira, Sara Rego da Costa

Pages 835-850

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Lean 4.0: A New Holistic Approach for the Integration of Lean Manufacturing Tools and Digital Technologies

Luana Sposito Valamede, Alessandra Cristina Santos Akkari

Pages 851-868

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Impact of Imperfect Quality Items on Inventory Management for Two Warehouses with Shortages

Aastha , Sarla Pareek, Leopoldo Eduardo Cárdenas-Barrón, Mandeep Mittal

Pages 869-885

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Transient Solution of a Single Server Queuing Model with Correlated Reneging Using Runge-Kutta Method

Rakesh Kumar, Bhavneet Singh Soodan

Pages 886-896

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Arrangement of Multistory Underground Parking Garages in Complex Engineering and Geological Environment

Olga Vladimirovna Trushko, Vladimir Leonidovich Trushko, Petr Alexeevich Demenkov

Pages 897-912

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Selection of Best Power Supply Source for Telecom Towers in Remote Areas

Shwetank Avikal, Rahul Singhal, Rajat Sajwan, Rahul Kumar Tiwari, Rohit Singh

Pages 913-925

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Parametric Effects on Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Performance: An Analytical Perspective

Rupendra Pachauri, Abhishek Sharma, Shailendra Rajput

Pages 926-938

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Reduction of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems by Extended Balanced Singular Perturbation Approximation

Santosh Kumar Suman, Awadhesh Kumar

Pages 939-956

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Influence of Magnetic Field on Thermal Radiation and Particle Shapes of Copper-Water Nanofluid Considering Marangoni Boundary Layer

KM Kanika, Santosh Chaudhary, Mohan Kumar Choudhary

Pages 957-970

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Use of ANN for Embedded Domotic System Based on IoT

César Giovany Pachón-Suescun, Javier Orlando Pinzón-Arenas, Robinson Jiménez-Moreno

Pages 971-984

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An Inventive Approach to Optimize Fuzzy Transportation Problem

Nirbhay Mathur, Pankaj Kumar Srivastava

Pages 985-994

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Opportunistic Channel Allocation Model in Collocated Primary Cognitive Network

Mangala Prasad Mishra, Sunil Kumar Singh, Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

Pages 995-1012

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