International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 6 (2021), Number 1 (February)

Guest Editorial

Mangey Ram

Pages 1-2

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A Note on the Time to Failure of a Two-Unit Parallel Redundant System with Deterioration on a Lattice

Tadashi Dohi, Junjun Zheng, Hiroyuki Okamura

Pages 3-14

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Survivability and Vulnerability Analysis of Cloud RAID Systems under Disk Faults and Attacks

Qisi Liu, Liudong Xing

Pages 15-29

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On Non-Homogeneous Markov Reward Model to Availability and Importance Analysis for CNC Machine Tools

Zeng Wenbin, Shen Guixiang, Ilia B. Frenkel, Lev Khvatsckin, Igor Bolvashenkov, Jörg Kammermann, Hans-Georg Herzog

Pages 30-43

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Reliability Study of <n, f, 2> Systems: A Generating Function Approach

Ioannis S. Triantafyllou

Pages 44-65

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On the Lifetime and Signature of Constrained (k, d)-out-of-n: F Reliability Systems

Ioannis S. Triantafyllou

Pages 66-78

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A Semi-Automatic Methodology for Making FMEA Surveys

Christian Spreafico, Davide Russo

Pages 79-102

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Remaining Useful Life Estimation Considering Prior Accelerated Degradation Data and Bayesian Inference for Multi-Stress Operating Conditions

Shah M. Limon, Om Prakash Yadav

Pages 103-117

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Modeling of the Optimization Procedure for Selecting the Location of New Thermal Power Plants (TPP)

Zdravko Milovanović, Snježana Milovanović, Valentina Janičić Milovanović, Svetlana Dumonjić-Milovanović, Dejan Branković

Pages 118-165

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Fuzzy Reliability Based on Hesitant and Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Set Evaluation

Akshay Kumar, Soni Bisht, Nupur Goyal, Mangey Ram

Pages 166-179

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Reliability Assessment of Repairable Systems Using Simple Regression Models

Miguel Ángel Navas Álvarez, José Carpio Ibáñez, Carlos Sancho de Mingo

Pages 180-192

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Age Based Overhaul Policy for Multiple Repairable Systems with Imperfect Maintenance: Case Study of Aero Engines

Garima Sharma, Rajiv Nandan Rai

Pages 193-206

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SDE based Unified Scheme for Developing Entropy Prediction Models for OSS

Deepika , Ompal Singh, Adarsh Anand, Jagvinder Singh

Pages 207-222

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Possibilistic Approach for Travel Time Reliability Evaluation

Rajesh S. Prabhu Gaonkar, Akshay V. Nigalye, Sunay P. Pai

Pages 223-243

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The Question of Analyzing System Safety with Consideration to Human Factor

Iosif Z. Aronov, Anna M. Rybakova, Nataliia M. Galkina

Pages 244-253

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On the Maintenance Modeling of a Hybrid Model with Exponential Repair Efficiency

Wassila Nissas, Soufiane Gasmi

Pages 254-267

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On the Advanced Methodology of Risk-Based System Resilience Analysis

Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko

Pages 268-278

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Controlled Arrival Machine Repair Problem with Working Vacation and Reattempts

Amita Bhagat, Rachita Sethi, Deepika Garg

Pages 279-295

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The Reliability of a System Involving Change Points

Amos E. Gera

Pages 296-308

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Reliability Characterization of Binary-Imaged Multi-State Coherent Threshold Systems

Ali Muhammad Ali Rushdi, Fares Ahmad Muhammad Ghaleb

Pages 309-321

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Copula based Measures of Repairable Parallel System with Fault Coverage

Vaishali Tyagi, Ritu Arora, Mangey Ram, Ioannis S. Triantafyllou

Pages 322-344

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Systematic Human Reliability Analysis (SHRA): A New Approach to Evaluate Human Error Probability (HEP) in a Nuclear Plant

Gianpaolo Di Bona, Domenico Falcone, Antonio Forcina, Luca Silvestri

Pages 345-362

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A Metadata and Z Score-based Load-Shedding Technique in IoT-based Data Collection Systems

Mario José Diván, María Laura Sánchez-Reynoso

Pages 363-382

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Tripod Turnstile Machines Performance Analysis for the System Safety and Security without Considering Simultaneous Failures using Reliability Approach

Pardeep Kumar, Amit Kumar

Pages 383-395

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Optimal Maintenance Policy for a Technical System Subject to Hidden Faults and Randomly Occurring Hazards

Jacek Malinowski

Pages 396-415

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Non-Linear Threshold Algorithm for the Redundancy Optimization of Multi-State Systems

Nabil Nahas, Mustapha Nourelfath

Pages 416-441

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Optimal Profit Analysis of Machine Repair Problem with Repair in Phases and Organizational Delay

Chandra Shekhar, Praveen Deora, Shreekant Varshney, Kunwar Pal Singh, Dinesh Chandra Sharma

Pages 442-468

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