International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 6 (2021), Number 3 (June)

On Entropy-type Measures and Divergences with Applications in Engineering, Management and Applied Sciences

C. Koukoumis, A. Karagrigoriou

Pages 688-707

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Nonparametric EWMA-Type Control Charts for Monitoring Industrial Processes: An Overview

Ioannis S. Triantafyllou, Mangey Ram

Pages 708-751

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Quality Assurance for Operating Room Illumination through Lean Six Sigma

Yucel Ozturkoglu, Yigit Kazancoglu, Muhittin Sagnak, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes

Pages 752-770

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A Framework for New Workforce Skills in the Era of Industry 4.0

Nesrin Ada, Derya Ilic, Muhittin Sagnak

Pages 771-786

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Multi-Item Production Lot Sizing with Postponement, External Source for Common Parts, and Adjustable Rate for End Products

Singa Wang Chiu, Hua Yao Wu, Tiffany Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu

Pages 787-804

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Seismic Lithofacies Distribution Modeling Using the Single Normal Equation Simulation (SNESIM) Algorithm of Multiple-Point Geostatistics in Upper Assam Basin, India

Nagendra Babu Mahadasu, Venkatesh Ambati, Rajesh R. Nair

Pages 805-823

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Evaluation of Transition Barriers to Circular Economy: A Case from the Tourism Industry

Kemal Vatansever, Haris Akarsu, Yiğit Kazançoğlu

Pages 824-846

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Dynamic Analysis of the Traffic of Vehicles Used in Car Sharing

Sergey Sergeev, Svetlana Bozhuk, Natalia Pletneva, Konstantin Evdokimov, Yury Klochkov

Pages 847-859

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Slip Flow of Kerosene Oil Based SWCNT Nanofluid over Stretching Sheet with Radiation and Suction/Injection Effects

Susheela Chaudhary, Kiran Kunwar Chouhan, Santosh Chaudhary

Pages 860-877

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An Empirical Study on Enhancing Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction Using Quality Assurance Approach in an Indian Manufacturing Industry

Ankesh Mittal, Pardeep Gupta

Pages 878-893

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ANFIS and Cost Optimization for Markovian Queue with Operational Vacation

Sonali Thakur, Anamika Jain, Madhu Jain

Pages 894-910

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An Effective Method for Parameter Estimation of Solar PV Cell Using Grey-Wolf Optimization Technique

Abhishek Sharma, Abhinav Sharma, Averbukh Moshe, Nikhil Raj, Rupendra Kumar Pachauri

Pages 911-931

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Propose a Polynomial Time Algorithm for Total Completion Time Objective

Yucel Ozturkoglu, Omer Ozturkoglu

Pages 932-943

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Age Dependent Analysis of Colon Cancer Tumours Using Mathematical and Statistical Modelling

Vidya Bhargavi Machavaram, Sireesha Veeramachaneni

Pages 944-960

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Modeling Multi-Plant Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem with Interplant Transfer

Amitkumar Patil, Gaurav Kumar Badhotiya, Bimal Nepal, Gunjan Soni

Pages 961-974

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