International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 6 (2021), Number 4 (August)

Distribution-Free CUSUM-Type Control Charts for Monitoring Industrial Processes: An Overview

Ioannis S. Triantafyllou, Mangey Ram

Pages 975-1008

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Optimal Education Plan of Employees Using Maintenance Model

Shigeshi Yamashita, Kodo Ito, Sho Kawakami, Truong Dinh Anh Khoa

Pages 1009-1024

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Seismic Driven Geomechanical Modeling of Uplifted and Subsided Wells in Mumbai Offshore and Its Engineering Implications

Venkatesh Ambati, Nagendra Babu Mahadasu, Rajesh R. Nair

Pages 1025-1043

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Application of Software Reliability Model for Safety Assessment of E/E/PE Safety-Related Software

Shinji Inoue, Takaji Fujiwara, Shigeru Yamada

Pages 1044-1054

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Multi-Objective Faculty Course Assignment Problem with Result and Feedback Based Uncertain Preferences

Sunil B. Bhoi, Jayesh M. Dhodiya

Pages 1055-1075

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Study of Factors Influence on the Variability of Time for Consensus Building in Coalitions Based on Regular Markov Chains

Olga V. Maksimova, Iosif Z. Aronov

Pages 1076-1088

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Sustainable Preservation Strategies with Deterioration Management and Environment Sensitive Demand

Priyamvada , Shikha Yadav, Aditi Khanna, Chandra K. Jaggi

Pages 1089-1099

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CE-OFDM-CDMA Phase Modulation for 5G System

Jamal Mestoui, Mohammed El Ghzaoui, Serghini Elaage, Abdelmounim Hmamou, Jaouad Foshi

Pages 1100-1114

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Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Thick Hollow Functionally Graded Sphere Under Non-Axisymmetric Mechanical Loading

Sandeep Kumar Paul, Manoj Sahni

Pages 1115-1126

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Presentation of Coupling Analysis Techniques of Maximum and Minimum Values Between N Sets of Data Using Matrix [ยต][MKN]

K. N. Makris, I. Vonta

Pages 1127-1136

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Optimal Sizing and Control of Solar PV-PEMFC Hybrid Power Systems

Vipin Das, Pitchai Karuppanan, Asheesh Kumar Singh, Padmanabh Thakur

Pages 1137-1156

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Harris Hawks Optimization for Optimum Design of Truss Structures with Discrete Variables

Mustafa Al-Bazoon

Pages 1157-1173

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Optimal Network Reconfiguration with Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Surender Reddy Salkuti

Pages 1174-1185

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Application of Integrated Human Error Management in Human Factors Engineering Process to Nuclear Power Plant Design

Kenji Mashio, Kodo Ito

Pages 1186-1198

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Optimal Placement of Renewable Energy based Distributed Generation Units using MCDM Technique

Manoj Kumar Bansal, Pratibha Garg, Neha Gupta, Mohini Agarwal

Pages 1199-1213

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