International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 6 (2021), Number 5 (October)

Lean & Green on Industry 4.0 Context – Contribution to Understand L&G Drivers and Design Principles

Lenin John, Manuel Sampayo, Paulo Peças

Pages 1214-1229

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Numerical Simulations of Heat Transfer Phenomena through a Baffled Rectangular Channel

Sandip Saha, Pankaj Biswas, Apurba Narayan Das

Pages 1230-1241

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Artificial Intelligence Based Prediction of Seawater Level: A Case Study for Bosphorus Strait

Yavuz Karsavran, Tarkan Erdik

Pages 1242-1254

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Segmentation of Covid-19 Affected X-Ray Image using K-means and DPSO Algorithm

Roopa Kumari, Neena Gupta, Narender Kumar

Pages 1255-1275

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Application of Modified Grey Forecasting Model to Predict the Municipal Solid Waste Generation using MLP and MLE

Mohd Anjum, Sana Shahab, Mohammad Sarosh Umar

Pages 1276-1296

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Fine-Tuned Pre-Trained Model for Script Recognition

Mamta Bisht, Richa Gupta

Pages 1297-1314

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Numerical Solution of the Time-Depending Flow of Immiscible Fluids with Fuzzy Boundary Conditions

Rajesh Kumar Chandrawat, Varun Joshi

Pages 1315-1330

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Bi-Objective Reliability-Cost Interactive Optimization Model for Series-Parallel System

Harish Garg

Pages 1331-1344

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A Robust Expected Makespan for Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Depending on Machine Failure Rate

Ghazwan Alsoufi, Manal Abdulkareem Zeidan, Lamyaa Jasim Mohammed, Abdellah Salhi

Pages 1345-1360

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Exploring the Issues in Policy Deployment Using SAP-LAP and eIRP Approaches: An Empirical Case Study

Don Plackal, Sumit Kumar, Pardeep Gupta

Pages 1361-1380

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A Hydromechanical Perspective to Study the Effect of Body Acceleration through Stenosed Artery

Sapna Ratan Shah, Pushkar Kumar

Pages 1381-1390

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Non-Radial Pulsations of Distorted Stellar Structures: Effect of Mass Variation

Seema Saini, Sunil Kumar, Vineet Bhatt, Pradeep Bedi

Pages 1391-1405

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Multi-Objective Capacitated Solid Transportation Problem with Uncertain Variables

Vandana Y. Kakran, Jayesh M. Dhodiya

Pages 1406-1422

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Financial Performance Analysis of NBFC-MFIs in India using TOPSIS and IV-TOPSIS

Priyanka Roy, Binoti Patro

Pages 1423-1438

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Route Planning of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles under Recharging and Mission Time Constraints

Kriangsak Phalapanyakoon, Peerapon Siripongwutikorn

Pages 1439-1459

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