International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 9 (2024), Number 1 (February)

Insight on the Flow Physics of Shock-driven Elliptical Gas Inhomogeneity with Different Atwood Numbers

Satyvir Singh, Bidesh Sengupta, Mukesh Kumar Awasthi, Vinesh Kumar

Pages 1-22

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Performance Assessment of Metaheuristic Algorithms: Firefly, Grey Wolf, and Moth Flame in Coal Pyrolysis Kinetic Parameter Estimation

Vishnu Uppalakkal, Venkatesh Ambati, Rajesh R. Nair

Pages 23-48

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European Circular Economy Policy-Making in Sustainability and Resource Management Development

Viktor Koval, Alla Shapovalova, Tatyana Fedotova, Olha Soloviova, Olena Novak, Sviatoslav Khimich

Pages 49-70

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Achieving Consensus in Groups with Low Authoritarianism of Participants in Decision Making

Olga V. Maksimova, Iosif Z. Aronov

Pages 71-89

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Stomach Disorder Detection and Analysis using Hybrid Learning Vector Quantization with African Buffalo Optimization Algorithm

Mohammed Baljon

Pages 90-110

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Multi-Objective Optimization for Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Apparel E-commerce Reverse Logistics

Nikhil Sharma, Chirag Saraswat, Jeetesh Sharma, Murari Lal Mittal, Arvind Keprate

Pages 111-128

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Optimization Models in Water Resources Management and Security: A Critical Review

Gyanesh Kumar Sinha, Anuj Kumar Purwar

Pages 129-146

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Statistically Significant Duration-Independent-based Noise-Robust Speaker Verification

Asmita Nirmal, Deepak Jayaswal, Pramod H. Kachare

Pages 147-162

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Maximum Entropy Solution for M^X/G/1 Priority Reiterate G-queue Under Working Breakdown and Working Vacation

Nisha , Shweta Upadhyaya, Chandra Shekhar

Pages 163-187

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A Novel Data Preprocessing Model for Lightweight Sensory IoT Intrusion Detection

Shahbaz Ahmad Khanday, Hoor Fatima, Nitin Rakesh

Pages 188-204

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