International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 8 (2023), Number 4 (August)

System-Level Dependability Analysis of Bitcoin under Eclipse and 51% Attacks

Chencheng Zhou, Liudong Xing, Qisi Liu, Yuzhu Li

Pages 547-559

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Reliability Evaluation and Prediction Method with Small Samples

Hongyan Dui, Xinghui Dong, Junyong Tao

Pages 560-580

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Does Productivity Really Matter for Profitability? Evidence from a Publicly Owned Transport Corporation

Sanjay Kumar Singh, Vijay Lakshmi Singh

Pages 581-594

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Hierarchical Reliability Modelling and Analysis of Life Support System of Fighter Aircraft

Anubhav Tandon, Vidhya Bhushan Verma, Sanjay K. Chaturvedi

Pages 595-611

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Barriers to Cement Industry Towards Circular Economy

Erhan Ada, Yigit Kazancoglu, Sachin Kumar Mangla, Ugur Aydin

Pages 612-631

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Deep Learning Based on Fine Tuning with Application to the Reliability Assessment of Similar Open Source Software

Yoshinobu Tamura, Shigeru Yamada

Pages 632-639

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Probabilistic Audit in a Revenue Sharing Contract Under Asymmetric Demand Information

Jaimini Bhattacharyya, Rahul R. Marathe, G. Srinivasan

Pages 640-649

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Picture Fuzzy Knowledge Measure with Application to MADM

Dinesh K. Sharma, Koushal Singh, Surender Singh

Pages 650-671

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Approximation of the Time-Fractional Klein-Gordon Equation using the Integral and Projected Differential Transform Methods

Manoj Singh

Pages 672-687

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Dynamic Advertising-based Goodwill Incorporating Fuzzy Environment in Segment-Specific Market

Pradeep Kumar, Kuldeep Chaudhary, Vijay Kumar, V. B. Singh

Pages 688-709

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Dynamic Analysis and Control of Redundant Manipulator for Agricultural Applications in a Virtual Environment

A. Sridhar Reddy, V. V. M. J. Satish Chembuly, V. V. S. Kesava Rao

Pages 710-737

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An Enhancement in Single-Image Dehazing Employing Contrastive Attention over Variational Auto-Encoder (CA-VAE) Method

Sandeep Vishwakarma, Anuradha Pillai, Deepika Punj

Pages 738-754

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Novel Heuristic Algorithm & its Application for Reliability Optimization

Tripti Dahiya, Nakul Vashishth, Deepika Garg, Avinash K. Shrivastava, P. K. Kapur

Pages 755-768

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Performance Analysis of a Retrial Queueing System with Optional Service, Unreliable Server, Balking and Feedback

V. Saravanan, V. Poongothai, P. Godhandaraman

Pages 769-786

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Non-dyadic Haar Wavelet Algorithm for the Approximated Solution of Higher order Integro-Differential Equations

Ratesh Kumar, Sabiha Bakhtawar

Pages 787-803

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