International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 9 (2024), Number 2 (April)

Advancing Die Design and Optimization through the Combination Approach: A Focus on Spring-back Compensation

Agus Dwi Anggono, Waluyo Adi Siswanto, Badrul Omar, Agus Yulianto

Pages 205-223

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Enhanced Insurance Risk Assessment using Discrete Four-Variate Sarmanov Distributions and Generalized Linear Models

Piriya Prunglerdbuathong, Tippatai Pongsart, Weenakorn Ieosanurak, Watcharin Klongdee

Pages 224-243

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Wake Formation Flow Physics and Boundary Layer Analysis on the Sides of the Isosceles Triangular Cylinder with Apex Pointing Downstream

Namit Agrawal, Ritvik Dobriyal, Maharshi Subhash

Pages 244-266

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Influence of Nanofluids on Boundary Layer Flow over an Inclined Stretching Sheet in a Porous Media along with Magnetic Field

Sham Bansal, Jai Pal, Mangal Singh Bisht, Prachi Fartyal

Pages 267-282

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A Data-driven Approach for Planning Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in a Steel Supply Chain

Shivchandra Prabhat Wakle, Ved Prabha Toshniwal, Rakesh Jain, Gunjan Soni, Bharti Ramtiyal

Pages 283-304

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Network Building Capabilities for a Sustainable and Circular Economy

Ananta Narayana, Utkarsh Kumar Verma, Lokesh Vijayvargy, Amarendra Sahoo, Rajesh Kumar Shastri

Pages 305-322

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Scientific Mapping of Chatbot Literature: A Bibliometric Analysis

Manju Tanwar, Harsh V. Verma

Pages 323-340

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A New Approach to Design of Cost-Efficient Reversible Quantum Dual-Full Adder and Subtractor

Heranmoy Maity, Mousam Chatterjee, Susmita Biswas, Aritra Bhowmik, Bineet Kaur, Ashish Kumar Singh, Parna Kundu, Jagannath Samanta

Pages 341-351

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A Characterization of Generalized Boolean Functions Employed in CDMA Communications

Deep Singh, Anjali Chawla, Pramod Bhogta, Amit Paul

Pages 352-365

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Vacation Policy for k-out-of-n Redundant System with Reboot Delay

Vaishali Tyagi, Mangey Ram, Monika Manglik, Ritu Arora

Pages 366-384

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