International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 8 (2023), Number 3 (June)

Integrated Model for Predicting Supply Chain Risk Through Machine Learning Algorithms

Saureng Kumar, S. C. Sharma

Pages 353-373

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Towards the Smart Sustainable and Circular Food Supply Chains Through Digital Technologies

Erhan Ada, Muruvvet Deniz Sezer, Yigit Kazancoglu, Raneen Khaleel

Pages 374-402

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Urban Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Using HEC-HMS and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study

Aadhi Naresh, M. Gopal Naik

Pages 403-423

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Design and Development of Shape Memory Alloy Actuator for Preventing and Protecting Electrical Wires

Omar Er-Remyly, Mouna Ben Zohra, Amine Riad, Abdelilah Alhamany

Pages 424-443

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Analysis of Barriers in Implementing Quality Management Initiatives in MSME Label Printing Firms for Sustainable Performance Improvement

Huda Shameem, Rubina Mittal, Anshu Gupta

Pages 444-463

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A Soft Computing Intelligent Control Algorithm to Extract Maximum Energy from Solar Panel

Mashhood Hasan

Pages 464-476

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A Situational Based Reliability Indices Estimation of ULT Freezer using Preventive Maintenance under Fuzzy Environment

Pooja Dhiman, Amit Kumar

Pages 477-503

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Modeling the Role of Testing Coverage in the Software Reliability Assessment

Sudeep Kumar, Anu G. Aggarwal, Ritu Gupta

Pages 504-513

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A New Decomposition Linear Programming Model to Solve Zero Sum Two Person Matrix Game in Fully Fuzzy Trapezoidal Environment

Gaurav Sharma, Ganesh Kumar

Pages 514-536

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Novel Solution for Time-fractional Klein-Gordon Equation with Different Applications

Manju Kashyap, S. Pratap Singh, Surbhi Gupta, Purnima Lala Mehta

Pages 537-546

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