International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 8 (2023), Number 5 (October)

Solving Redundancy Allocation Problems using Jaya Algorithm

B. Aswin, Tapan Lokhande, Rajesh S. Prabhu Gaonkar

Pages 804-816

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Modelling of Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Water-Based Nanofluids using Machine-Learning Techniques

Sai Ganga, Ziya Uddin, Rishi Asthana, Hamdy Hassan, Arpit Bhardwaj

Pages 817-840

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Computational Metrology for Measuring Industrial Component Dimensions

Lokendra Singh, Arpan Gupta

Pages 841-849

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Design and Analysis of Novel Microstrip-Based Dual-Band Compact Terahertz Antenna for Bioinformatics and Healthcare Applications

Sandeep Kumar, Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Ashutosh Mishra

Pages 850-868

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Optimal Pricing and Advertisement Policy for an Advance Order Booking Inventory System with Order Cancellation under Inflationary Condition

K. K. Aggarwal, Shuja Ahmed, Fehmina Malik

Pages 869-895

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Ensuring the Success of Unorganized Retail Supply Chains of Current Times- A Developing Nation Perspective

Neha Gupta, Surya Prakash, Ashish Kumar

Pages 896-911

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A New Perspective on the Stochastic Fractional Order Materialized by the Exact Solutions of Allen-Cahn Equation

Faeza Hasan, Mohamed A. Abdoon, Rania Saadeh, Mohammed Berir, Ahmad Qazza

Pages 912-926

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Modeling Developable Surfaces using Quintic B├ęzier and Hermite Curves

. Kusno

Pages 927-942

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Reliability Analysis of the Functional Capabilities of an Autonomous Vehicle

Brain Ndumiso Ndlovu, Michael Ayomoh

Pages 943-965

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A Comparative Study using Scale-2 and Scale-3 Haar Wavelet for the Solution of Higher Order Differential Equation

Ratesh Kumar, Jaya Gupta

Pages 966-978

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TOPSIS based Renewable-Energy-Source-Selection using Moderator Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set

Bhagawati Prasad Joshi, Navneet Joshi, Alexander Gegov

Pages 979-990

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Extended TANYAKUMU Labelling Method to Compute Shortest Paths in Directed Networks

Trust Tawanda, Elias Munapo, Santosh Kumar, Philimon Nyamugure

Pages 991-1005

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Secure Authentication and Data Transmission for Patients Healthcare Data in Internet of Medical Things

Anup Patnaik, Krishna K. Prasad

Pages 1006-1023

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Deep Learning based Model for Detection of Vitiligo Skin Disease using Pre-trained Inception V3

Shagun Sharma, Kalpna Guleria, Sushil Kumar, Sunita Tiwari

Pages 1024-1039

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An Algorithm for Constructing Support of Bent Functions by Extending a Set

Joseph Nelson, Chungath Srinivasan, K. V. Lakshmy

Pages 1040-1055

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